If you are looking for the best-known places in Tuscany, you are in the right place. Cities full of art, lovely villages in the middle of the wonderful countryside, amazing nature. All of this is in a single region. And everything deserves a visit for its beauty. That’s why Tuscany is one of Italy’s top vacation destinations. We are so proud to be born and live here!

We use to say that we are lucky to live in a region, Tuscany, that has everything you need: historic cities, art, excellent wines, delicious food, medieval villages, landscapes, mountains, beautiful hills, beaches, and islands.

The Best-known places in Tuscany

Here is a list of what I suppose are the 10 Best-known places in Tuscany that you cannot miss during your trip.

1. Florence

Florence is one of the best historical Centres in the world and the birthplace of the Renaissance! You have the great opportunity to walk in the shadow of the Brunelleschi Dome or in Piazza della Signoria with the fountain of Neptune and Perseus statue. 

Piazzale Michelangelo Firenze Tuscany, one the best-known places in Tuscany

Take your time to visit the Basilica of Santa Croce, Uffizi Gallery, then go to the old Bridge Ponte Vecchio and have a look at the tiny jewelry workshops. Finally, wait for the sunset up to Piazzale Michelangelo.

Make sure to read our post about the Basilica of Santa Croce, the splendid Palazzo Borghese, and our visit to the exclusive Vasari Corridor.

To get a different perspective of Firenze, don’t miss reading our post about the unusual things to do and visit the city following the itinerary of Dan Brown’s bestseller INFERNO.

2. Siena

The medieval hill town is known for the magnificent Cathedral the big Piazza del Campo, the heart of the town with cafes, restaurants, and old buildings. It holds twice a year, in July and August, the famous horse race Il Palio.

View of the Piazza del Campo of Siena, one the best-known places in Tuscany

Make sure to read our post How to Visit the Duomo of Siena.

3. Pisa

The leaning tower is the symbol of the town. A picture with it is a must, but Pisa is also the Square of Miracles, the old Centre with narrow streets, and the Arno river.

Pisa Square of Miracles, one the best-known places in Tuscany

Don’t miss the chance to visit Pisa beyond the leaning tower. Discover here how to do it.

4. Best-known places in Tuscany: Lucca

Lucca is known as the city of hundred churches and for the round Piazza Anfiteatro. Well-preserved fortification walls close its historical center

A tour of the walls of Lucca is a must. Make sure to read this post.

And if you are in town at the end of October, you can attend the Lucca Comics and Games, one of the biggest comic exhibits in the entire world.

Guinigi Tower Lucca, one the best-known places in Tuscany

5. Chianti Classico Wine Region

The Chianti area, or Chiantishire as Brits call it, located between Florence and Siena is famous for DOC red wine and green hills with tiny medieval villages such as Castellina in Chianti, Greve in Chianti, and Panzano.

Chianti Hills

A tour in the wine valley of the Chianti is a must when you travel around Tuscany. But Chianti is not the only wine place. Discover here the other wine region of Tuscany.

6. Pienza and Val d’Orcia

Pienza and the Val d’Orcia are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Tuscany. Pienza is famous for its pecorino cheese. The valley for DOC wines and spectacular landscapes made of hills and cypress. The village was rebuilt in the 15th century to be the ideal Renaissance town by Pope Pius II.

ValdOrcia field Tuscany


7. San Gimignano

The gorgeous medieval Manhattan of Tuscany is renowned for its 14 towers and architecture. It was an important trade center during the middle ages. Today it is a UNESCO world heritage site with more than 3 million visitors every year.

Towers of San Gimignano

If you want to explore Sangi in a different way follow the itinerary of our Unconventional tour of San Gimignano.

8. Volterra

This beautiful ancient town has roots back in the neolithic. It was an important center for the Etruscans and then for Romans. It is also home to the Volturi Vampires in the Twilight saga by the American author Stephenie Meyer.

view of Volterra visit Tuscany

To know more about Etruscans we suggest reading our post about the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia and planning a visit which is highly recommended.

9. Cortona

You find this charming hilltop town in Valdichiana Region. It has gorgeous views over the countryside and Trasimeno Lake in Umbria region. It became famous thanks to Frances Mayer and her book Under the Tuscan sun.

View of Cortona, Valdichiana Tuscany

Here is our 3 days itinerary between Val di Chiana, Val d’Orcia, Arezzo and Cortona.

10. Carrara Marble Quarries and Lunigiana. Our last best-known places of Tuscany

Carrara is known all over the world for the white marble. It was used in the past to build historical buildings and many other sculptures like Michelangelo’s David. Today the quarries are worth a visit for their stunning scenery. And nearby, you can easily reach the Lunigiana Valley and its hundred Castles.

View of the marble quarries of Carrara in Tuscany

Make sure to read our post about the things to do in Carrara and to discover the lovely town of Pontremoli in Lunigiana.

This is only a shortlist of the best-known places in Tuscany to visit. Because Tuscany is much more and time is never enough. This is a good reason to come back again and again. Follow our diary and we will suggest you off the beaten paths, tips, and curiosities about our loved Tuscany.

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A view of San Gimignano in the cover for the 10 best-known places in Tuscany blog post

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