Part II of our guide about “Beaches in Tuscany” is dedicated to the Etruscan Coast, the Costa degli Etruschi in Italian. The Etruscan Coast has rocks, reefs or pebbles, and coarse sandy beaches. Some of them have bath establishments but most of them are public beaches and free entrances.

spring travel Romito Livorno

In part I of our “Beaches in Tuscany” guide, we talked about Versilia and Apuan Coast in the northern area of the region. We said that it is the right place for lovers of comfort and facilities of bath establishments. Instead, if you prefer blue water and rocks, move down to the south and choose the Etruscan Coast.

The main beaches of the Etruscan Coast


Calignaia Romito Livorno Tuscany

In the south of Livorno, along the coastal road called Romito, there are spectacular rocks overlooking the sea. You can rest lying on a flat rock, have a bath, and go snorkeling.


Baia del Quercetano 1 Castiglioncello Etruscan Coast Tuscany

Castiglioncello, a popular holiday destination during the ’60s for Italian jet set, is a tiny village surrounded by pine trees and many villas. The best spot for a bath is the Baia del Quercetano, an enchanting bay with shallow green-blue water. Beautiful is the view of the bay from one of the two promontories.

The White Beaches in Vada

White Beach Vada Etruscan Coast Tuscany

If driving your car down to the south, you see a pure white Caribbean sandy beach, you are not dreaming. You are not in a tropical paradise, but at White Beaches of Vada, Rosignano Marittimo.

The reason why the sand is so white is the baking soda coming from the close manufacturing plant. I would not recommend this place for a bath because the water looks clean and green but it is murky. Instead, could be nice to catch some sun if you are in the surroundings.

Thanks to good wind conditions, the White Beaches is popular among locals and lovers of windsurfing and kitesurfing. You can surf almost all year round. Moreover, in the town of Rosignano, a tourist Marina welcome you if you are sailing on the Mediterranean Sea.

Vada & Cecina

Marina di Cecina Pine wood Etruscan Coast Tuscany

Vada and Marina di Cecina have pebbles beaches and beautiful pinewood. They are two quiet destinations perfect for people who love resting in the sun, and also hiking, running, or biking breathing the healthy salty breeze. Some beach clubs are available here.


Marina di Bibbona and Marina di Castagneto Carducci

Marina di Donoratico Pianetti Etruscan Coast

Marina di Bibbona and Marina di Castagneto Carducci have long and wide beaches, and the water is clear and blue. Most of them are free entrance and wild. The region is also known for vineyards. You are in the birth land of the awarded Bolgheri Sassicaia wine and many other excellent Tuscan Reds.

San Vincenzo

Parco Rimigliano San Vincenzo Etruscan Coast Tuscany

The Natural Park of Rimigliano in San Vincenzo consists of 120 hectares of magnificent pinewood and 6 km (approx. 4 miles) of wild beaches protected by sand dunes and vegetation. Here, when you are bored of the sun, you can rest in the shade of the woodland behind. The park also hosts an authorized nudist beach, called Nido dell’Aquila.

Gulf of Baratti

Baratti Gulf, Etruscan Coast Tuscany

The Gulf of Baratti is one of the gems of the Etruscan Coast and of the entire Tuscany. This place is so enchanting. The sand is surprisingly reddish due to the iron residuals of the extracting activities of the Etruscan Era. On the top of the promontory that protects the gulf is the hamlet of Populonia, the unique Etruscan town in history to be built on the seacoast.


Buca delle Fate in Populonia

Buca delle Fate Etruscan Coast Tuscany-2

Down to the hamlet Populonia, you find Buca delle Fate, literally the Fairy’s Hole. You can reach this rocky small bay only by walking along a glide path in the middle of the splendid Mediterranean scrub. Olive trees, spontaneous vegetation, holm oaks, the rest of Etruscan graves, and small palm trees, the only palm that grows spontaneously in the Mediterranean area, make your walk more interesting and enjoyable. We advise this small bay to lovers of hiking and wild landscapes.


Parco della Sterpaia Piombino Etruscan Coast T

Piombino is set on a promontory between the Gulf of Baratti and the Gulf of Follonica. It hosts the port for Elba Island. Out of Piombino, the natural reserve of the Parco della Sterpaia has more than 10 km of wild beaches and shady pinewoods. Here is where locals usually go during the weekend to rest in the shadow of the pinewood forest and to swim in crystal clear water. There are also little kiosk bars to buy some food and drinks and little beach clubs where visitors rent sunbeds and beach umbrellas for the day.

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