Have you ever heard about Lampredotto? Probably not. Then, we are talking about food. If sightseeing and admiring works of artwork up an appetite, and you are afraid that a day touring in Tuscany will be too much for your empty stomach to take, don’t worry though. In Tuscany, and especially in Florence you will find many local food trucks selling Lampredotto, one of the most typical dishes of the region.

In Tuscany, this tripe dish made of the intestine and stomach parts of baby calves is considered a real delicacy. The main reasons behind its popularity are the unique taste and the low price as it is made from animal parts that are not so desirable. When tasting this popular tripe dish try to appreciate its delicious strong taste, made to perfection in the region where it is a typical traditional cuisine.

Lampredotto truck in Florence
Lampredotto sandwiches truck in the street of Florence

Lampredotto actually comes from Florence, although it’s nowadays widespread throughout the whole Tuscan region. In the past, it was a popular dish amongst the poorer classes, today it is one of the most appreciated street food. It is prepared with the fourth stomach of a cow, the abomasum (Lampredotto in Italian).

The name of this offal originates from the lamprey, the jawless fish that was living in the Arno River, because its shape looks like the mouth of the lamprey. It is cooked in a big saucepan with hot water along with ingredients such as onion, celery, tomato, and parsley so that it soaks in all the different flavors. Then it is sliced before being served.

Lampredotto dish Tuscany
Lampredotto served with green and hot chili sauce – Photo Credits: Louis-garden

Lampredotto can be eaten in a dish together with vegetables, a green parsley sauce, and Tuscan bread, which famously does not contain salt (we say pane sciocco). But the way Florentines love the most is to have it as a sandwich with a bun, dipped in the cooking broth, and the green or hot chili sauce.

Being a natural and fresh cuisine, it’s generally loved by everyone. When visiting Tuscany, tasting this particular dish is a great experience, especially with a glass of good red wine.

For those who enjoy eating as they wander along the streets of Tuscany, it is impossible, whilst walking through the streets, not to come across a burger stand that sells Lampredotto burgers.

Lampredotto is not only a sandwich because there are many various forms to taste it, including crostini con la puppa or spezzatini. However, whichever way it is served eating Lampredotto in Tuscany is truly one unforgettable experience.

Watch how Lampredotto is prepared in Tuscany

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