Are there Nude Beaches in Tuscany? The answer is yes. The practice of naturism is becoming more and more popular in Italy. An increasing number of people, especially foreigners, visit our country and love relaxing under the sun in absolute freedom, naked. To meet this desire the coast of Tuscany offers this opportunity with five legal nudist beaches.

While topless is now tolerated almost everywhere, sunbathing completely naked is quite a different thing. In fact, in Italy nudism is only allowed in authorized areas, otherwise, you risk an unpleasant fine.

The advantage of practicing naturism in Tuscany is to be on wild unspoiled beaches or small hidden bays far from the summer crowds and bathing establishments. Sometimes inside national reserves such as the nudist beaches of Viareggio or San Vincenzo. Which I consider a huge plus.

According to science, the more time a person spends naked, the better they feel about themselves. So why not practice naturism on a beautiful Italian beach?

Legal Nude Beaches in Tuscany

Starting from the north of the region below is a short description of the five authorized nudist beaches of Tuscany with an indication of how to get there.

Lecciona, Viareggio

The so-called Lecciona is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Tuscan Coast. Set in a natural reserve, protected by sand dunes and trees, this long wild beach has an authorized area dedicated to naturism. To be precise, between the poles numbers 13 and 15.

The easiest way to reach the Lecciona nudist beach is from Torre del Lago. After parking on the promenade (paid parking spaces marked by blue stripes), walk a little more than 10 minutes into the woods to reach a wooden boardwalk that will take you to the beach at Pole 13. Alternatively, go to the beach and walk, taking your right, along the shoreline for five-ten minutes until you reach the dedicated area.

The Marina di Torre del Lago has been for years one of the most known LGBTQ+ summer destinations in Italy. Even the Lecciona naturist beach welcomes the community LGBTQ+. They usually crowd the shoreline around post 13.


Sassoscritto, Punta del Miglio, Livorno

Just outside the city of Livorno, along the scenic coastal road leading south, known as Romito, there are two areas dedicated to naturism: Sassoscritto and Calignaia. The two areas are only a few hundred meters apart.
Sassoscritto is located between the restaurant Sassoscritto and Restaurant Romito. A sign marks the entrance to the trail. Path No. 12 goes down to the sea where you could rest on one of the large rocks that lap the clear waters of this part of the Tuscan coast. For your safety, avoid going down the steps in flip-flops. Better a pair of shoes. Then you can dive into the crystal clear waters and admire the rocky seabed by snorkeling.

Nothing is better than naturism to be free and express yourself with no judgment. So it is good to know that also the rocks of Sassoscritto are LGBTQ+ friendly.

Calignaia, Punta Combara, Livorno

The second nudist spot along Livorno’s rocky coast is Calignaia. Coming from the north, a few meters after the end of the large Calignaia bridge, an descent with stone steps will bring you to a secluded tiny cove. Thanks to its private and slightly isolated location, it has always been a perfect place for naturists.

To reach both locations, you will need to park along the road. Pay attention to passing cars and motorbikes. During the warmer months of July and August and on weekends the coast is very busy both with locals and tourists. Leghorners reach them mostly by scooter. My advice is to arrive in the morning to park your car safely.


Nido dell’Aquila, San Vincenzo

The national park of Rimigliano, located between the towns of San Vincenzo and Piombino, hosts Nido dell’Aquila nudist beach. We are south of Livorno. On a map of Tuscany, you have to look at the center of the coast.

The park consists of a beautiful green strip of Mediterranean vegetation that extends to the sea. The scrub and forest mingle with the dunes and golden sand. While sea breezes shape the foliage of the holm oaks and domestic pines, creating the unique space that is Rimigliano Park.

To reach the beach you drive along the Strada Provinciale della Principessa, a beautiful road lined with dense, shady pine forest. This entire stretch of coastline is very busy during the summer period. You will notice it from the many cars parked along the road. However, at the naturist beach, you enjoy more space than at other beaches filled with beach chairs and umbrellas.

The southern part of the beach usually is crowded by community LGBTQ+ and friends.

On google maps, the Spiaggia Naturista Nido dell’Aquila is well indicated. Leave your car along the road, roughly in the section from Oceano Mare Restaurant to Bar Pizzeria Ristorante Al Tramonto. Several paths in the wood will lead you to the beach. Both restaurants are good options for dinner if you decide to stay at the beach till sunset.


Nude Beaches in Tuscany: Acquarilli, Elba Island

The only authorized nudist beach on Elba Island, one of the seven pearls of the Tuscan Archipelago, is Acquarilli Beach. The location is stunning, but also not easy to reach. This is why it has always been the ideal place for naturists.

The beach is simply beautiful with its black sand and dark little pebbles. The waters are so green and clear that you can admire the seabed as you descend from above. The coastline is high and rugged, and the path leading to the beach is quite steep, with a drop of about 100 meters. Therefore, you need to be careful during the descent. The beach is completely wild, with no facilities of any kind. It is best, therefore, to bring your own food and drinks. And an umbrella to shelter from the sun, which reflects off the dark sand makes the air very hot.

pebbles on Acquarilli Beach – Ph Credits: Roberto Bertoli

You find Acquarilli Naturist Beach on the way between Lacona and Porto Azzurro. Follow and pass the signs to Norsi beach and get to the headland on the left where you find a paid parking lot. There are a few parking spaces on the street and about 20 spaces in the paid parking lot. To get to the beach there is a path on your right looking at the sea.

If you are planning your beach vacation in Tuscany, I’m sure our little guide to the best things to do on Elba will be of great help. You will discover some activities to do on the island when you no longer feel like sunbathing in the nude.


Tolerated Nude Beaches in Tuscany

While the five nude beaches just described are authorized by Italian laws, there are also unofficial ones where naturism is at least tolerated. In Tuscany, worth a mention the beaches of Marina di Bibbona and Capalbio.

Marina di Bibbona, Etruscan Coast of Tuscany

Not far from the Bolgheri wine area and the town of Cecina, in a stretch of coast covered by a beautiful pine forest, is Marina di Bibbona and its wide sandy beaches. We are in one of the best summer destinations on the Etruscan Coast of Tuscany.

The practice of naturism is quite widespread in the southernmost part of Marina di Bibbona beach. A wonderful beach with fine sand and dunes far from the prying and hostile eyes of the “textiles,” as they say in naturist slang. That is, those who do not accept that other people can sunbathe without costumes. Textiles indeed, that crowd the free beach and bath establishments next to the town.

To get to the naturist beach of Marina di Bibbona park the car in the square in front of the Camping Village del Forte. Follow the path toward the sea and then continue south for about 15 minutes until you meet other naturists.


Capalbio, Spiaggia Naturista di Macchiatonda

We are in the wild Maremma, in the deep south of Tuscany, less than a two-hour drive from Rome. This southern stretch of the Tuscan coast boasts the best waters in the entire region. And some of the best in Italy.

The nude beach of Capalbio is not difficult to reach but you have to walk quite a bit. That is the reason that makes it perfect for nudism. The shoreline is wild with many wooden remnants. Behind, the bush is thick and impassable. The sea is wonderful, especially when it is calm. The water is as clear as a swimming pool and the seabed is not immediately deep.

By car, you have to reach the Spiaggia di Macchiatonda where you find two parking lots. Once there you have to walk along the beach heading south (left looking at the beach) for about 2 km (0,62 mi) to reach the main entrance of a natural oasis. Other 100/200 meters and you reach an almost empty beach where you find almost only naturists. At the busiest times, the highest crowd is somewhere between 20-40 people, and never certainly more. Almost a paradise!

Don’t forget to bring some food and cold drinks because there are no facilities nearby.


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