The long wait for the exhbit of Salvador Dalí in Pietrasanta is over. Since last Saturday 12 November 2016, for three months, the “Little Athens of Tuscany”, in the heart of Versilia, has been hosting this important event of the exclectic, dreamer spanish artist.

Tra Sogno e Realtà” (between dream and reality) is the name of this important international exhbit that will attract thousand of visitors from Italy and from the rest of the world. It is promoted by the Municipality of Pietrasanta and the Fondazione Versiliana. After being displayed in Paris, London, Singapore, Shangai and Beijing, the surrealistic masterpieces of Dalì, arrive in Versilia.

Salvador Dali in Pietrasanta

Who Dalí is, probably everybody knows. He is one of the most important artist of Surrealism, and an icon for many, I have always been fashinated by its personal style, by the ability of turning his artistic flair, craziness and personal view of the world into beautiful artworks. His painting was influenced by the Renaissance masters of Tuscany, considered the birthplace of Renaissance, could not be a better place where to show his pieces.

Despite its title, this exhibit shows sculptures made by other artists who have been inspired by the sketch and other famous paints made by Dalì.

Piazza Duomo Pietrasanta

Salvador Dalí in Pietrasanta: between dream and reality

The atmosphere in the Piazza del Duomo is magic. The charme of the square, which I personally love since the first time I saw it four year ago, is enriched by the presence of these monumental sculptures, creating a mix between classic art and surrealism. Creatures of Dalí’s most famous drawings, come alive in the form of huge sculpture made in bronze as the “Space Elephant” (7 meters of heigh), “Woman aflame”, “Space Venus”, “Surrealist Piano”, and the “Rhinoceros Cosmique” (which is not in the main square but in front of the town hall, just outside of the pedestrian area).

The Space Venus Salvador Dalì in Pietrasanta at night
Dance of Time I Salvador Dalì in Pietrasanta

The event of Salvador Dalí in Pietrasanta continues inside the cloister of San’t Agostino. Here visitors can admire the Dalì Universe collection, a selection of approximately 100 pieces chosen by Imago Art Gallery and The Dalí Universe. The exhbit includes smaller bronze sculptures, objects in glass, engravings and lithographies. The special “setting up” allows visitors to learn something more about the symbolism of Dalí and his method of working, exploring the labyrint of his brilliant mind and admire the outcome of his infinite immagination. The cloister and the Piazza were so crowded that I didn’t enjoy the event very much. Moreover, living close to Pietrasanta, I will definitely come back, maybe during the week, to avoid the big crowd.

The Dalì Collection inside the Cloister
Dalì's paintings in Pietrasanta

Visiting Hours of the exhbit

“Tra Sogno e Realtà” exhibition of Salvador Dalí in Pietrasanta is free of charge and can be visited until the 7 february 2017.

While the pieces in the Piazza del Duomo can be seen 24/7, the entrance to the cloister of San’t Agostino where the Dalí Universe Collection is, is open every day except Monday following this opening hours:

  • from Tuesday to Friday from 4 pm until 7 pm.
  • Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm, and from 4 pm to 7 pm.
  • Including Christmas holiday
Salvador Dali in Pietrasanta: The cloister

How to reach Pietrasanta

Visitors can reach Pietrasanta by car taking the A12 highway, exit Versilia, and follow the signal to Pietrasanta town centre. If you come from Florence, take the A11 all the way to Viareggio, then take the A12 direction Genova, and exit in Versilia way out.

If you prefer the train, there are direct trains that go both from Florence (1.30 hours) and Pisa (30 minutes).

Horse sculpture in the cloister
Surrealist Piano Salvador Dalì in Pietrasanta
Woman Aflame Dalì in Pietrasanta

If you are traveling to Tuscany in this period or for Christmas, I definitely suggest you to do not miss Salvador Dalí in Pietrasanta. It is a great opportunity to admire the artworks of one of the master of surrealism and to visit a lovely charming art town out of the classic touristic routes.

Sunset from the hill behind Pietrasanta

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