Tuscany, what to pack? This is the question you make yourself once you have booked your flight ticket and your accommodation. And it is a good question to ask because preparing luggage is something that needs organization and technique.

I confess that in the past I was not really so organized on preparing my suitcases, and I often spent the evening (or the entire night) before my departure, to pack everything with terrible results. A lot of stress, several runs around my house to find things, realize that I lack the stuff I need during my trip.

I thought it was time to become more organized, then I created a long, extensive list of everything I could need during a journey. I organized it on themes and it works in any situation, traveling by all means of transport (airplane, train, caravan, car, etc.). For sure this demanding work has been possible with the help of some important people, which I asked to analyze the list and the tips, and add what they thought it was missing. So, I must say thanks to several friends and relatives.

“Tuscany, what to pack” list is organized with seven main topics. Some of them are split into other secondary topics that meet different needs and include some tips on what to do before leaving your house for a trip. I would be grateful if you would cooperate with me making this article even more complete, suggesting some missing items, or a full topic.

Do you love gambling? Then I challenge you all on finding what is missing, and you can add your suggestions to the comments below.

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But before starting, let me suggest you watch a video about how to pack, made by Heathrow Airport. Trust me, they know how to do it!

How To: Pack Like a Pro



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Tuscany what to pack, the ultimate checklist

The Essentials


□      Credit cards and ATM cards (with respective PIN codes, and phone numbers to block them in case of theft) and Online banking codes if needed.

□      Some Cash in your currency to exchange in case of need

□     Foreign currency cash (including small bills and coins) if easy to find to your bank

□      Cotton holder to wear under your clothes, or a money belt with an inside zipper to hold larger sums of money

□      A proper Wallet with many compartments for bills, receipts, cards, fidelity cards (airlines, hotel chains, car rental, membership cards, etc.)

Personal documents

□      An ID card (check the expiration date and its validity to travel abroad) or Passport (check the expiration date because many countries require at least 6 months left of validity) for all people that are traveling.

□      Valid VISA to enter (if you cannot do it once you arrive at the airport of destination).

□      Driving license (and international license if you need to drive in the place you are going).

□      Car insurance to travel abroad (If you rent a car, car rentals usually offer this service with a supplement).

□      Health insurance certificate or policy number(we highly recommend to get one policy before leaving).

□      Business cards.

□      A copy of your personal documents, in the case of loss or theft.

□      Passport photos (they are not very bulky) for VISA, if needed.

Travel documents

□      Travel tickets (printed or saved on your smartphone). If traveling by plane, download the app of the airline to get your online ticket.

□     Confirmation of your Reservations for accommodations (hotels, apartments, Agriturismo …), trains, boats, tours, museums, city passes, car rental.

□      Useful contacts and information (schedule of your appointments if traveling for business, local referrals, suggested bars and restaurants)

□      A travel guide and maps 

Map what to pack for tuscany

Beauty Case for your Personal Hygiene

□      Shower gel

□      Shampoo and conditioner

□      Toothbrush

□      Toothpaste

□      Dental floss

□      Mouthwash

□      Travel hairdryer (take note of the potential difference and the international wall socket)

□      Towels (for the beach or shower)

□      Hair spray and hair gel

□      Sun cream

□      Lip balm

□      Cotton buds

□      Deodorant

□      Brush and comb

□      Perfumes

□      Nails scissor and nail file (only the paper one if you travel by air)

□      Kleenex and refresh tissues

□      Body cream, hand cream, feet cream, face cream

□      Contact lenses and liquids (in small bottles)

For Her

□     makeup pocket mirror

□      Foundation cream

□      Blusher

□      Eyeshadows

□      Mascara

□      Eye-liner

□      Lipstick/Lipgloss

□      Lip liner

□      Demaquillage napkins

□      Cleansing milk

□      Makeup removal

□      Toning lotion

□      Hair removal kit (cream, razor)

□      Tweezers

□      Tampons and bag to put the used one

For Him

□      Razor

□      Shaving foam

□      Aftershave

Shaving Kit

Remember that if you are traveling by plane, you are allowed to bring liquids in small bottles or containers of max 100 ml each. It is better to keep them in a plastic see-through bag, and take it out from your suitcase at the time of security check.

Clothing and accessories

□     A lot of T-shirts for every use

□     Jeans

□     Long Pants

□     Bermuda Shorts

□      A pair of convertible pants (Bermuda during the day, long pants at night)

□     Shirts

□     skirts

□     dresses

□     a sweatshirt or hoodie

□     a Comfortable tracksuit

□     Pajamas

□     underwear, panties, and bra for women

□     socks and stockings

□     Swimsuits for the beach or thermal baths

□      A light scarf to repair the throat, or to cover the “nudity” if you go to museums or sacred sites!

□      Windbreaker

□     Jackets (heavy or light depending on the season)

□     Gloves and a warm hat if traveling to a cold country)

□     proper shoes depending on the season

□     slippers

□      Pen and notepad (I like Moleskine with city maps inside)

□      Pocket dictionary (in paper or installed on the phone)

□      Multipurpose boxcutter (pay attention, you are not allowed to carry it on board in hand luggage!)

□      Small flashlight

□      Books and magazines

□      Folding umbrella

□      Hat

□      Eyeglasses and Sunglasses (with case and cloth to clean the lens)

□      Backpack or a Bag with lots of pockets

□      Pocket Sewing kit

□      Lighter and/or matches (but no cigarettes ;-))

□      Plastic bags for dirty clothes and other uses.

□      Earplugs

□     Sleeping bag (in cotton or silk) to use if you are not sure about the cleaning of your room.


□      Thermometer

□      Patches

□      Disinfectants handkerchiefs

□      Antipyretic (aspirin, paracetamol)

□      Painkiller

□      Sedative

□      Anti-nausea travel

□      Laxatives

□      Anti-diarrheal

□      Anti-vomiting

□      Mosquito lotion and sticks repellent

□      Anti-histamine ointment and tablets

□      Condoms / Contraceptive

□      Your personal medicaments

Tech Equipment

□      Mobile phone, charger (normal and drive), power bank, headset

□      Wristwatch (preferably waterproof and resistant type, clock, heart rate monitor, fitness tracker, GPS, weather forecast… in short: all-rounder!)

□     Digital cameras and accessories (bag or backpack, memory cards, charger, extra batteries, tripod, flash, lenses …)

□     Action Cam and accessories (case, memory card, batteries, chargers, etc.)

□      Notebooks and accessories (batteries, charger, Kensington security cable, and… gadgets! I adore the light bulb that you put into the USB port)

□      Kindle or any other ebook reader

□      Multi-standard outlets (electricity and telephone)

□      Satellite / GPS antenna navigation system (if you travel by car and you do not use apps like Waze or Google Maps)

□      Mp3 player and headset (if you have not music on your smartphone)

□      a USB key (or external hard drive to store your pictures). Remember to encrypt or put a password on the most ‘sensitive files and important!

If there’s still room in your suitcase and hand luggage

□      Various games (a deck of cards, chess, pocket games like Scrabble, Cluedo, etc.)

□      Inflatable headrest, eye masks, a pair of sox (If you need to take off your shoes during long flights)

□      Another set of clothes (underwear, sox, t-shirt) to carry on your hand luggage. You may need them in case of loss of your checked luggage.

□      All you need for your hobbies: musical instruments and lyrics, sports equipment, paints and brushes for artists. If heavy and of a huge size you probably will need to check-in them separately as another luggage.


*Take note that you cannot put lithium batteries in the checked luggage but you have to carry them on board with you.

And finally

□      A strap and a locker to close your suitcase.

□      A copy of this “precious” list (that you can receive for free on your e-mail subscribing our newsletter) to do not forget anything when you have to re-pack everything for the return.

Travel with kids

Tuscany, what to pack if you are traveling with kids

From 0 to 6 months

□      Pram

□      Mosquito protector net for the pram

□      Bag with the necessary for the change

□      Diapers

□      Cream and ointment for diaper change and special handkerchiefs

□      Towel (to be used as an emergency station)

□      Romper suits in large quantity

□      Vests and panties

□      Socks

□      Pacifiers, pacifier holders and barrettes-stop-hickey (alternatively just your thumb!)

□      Chimes and rattles

□      Needed for the bath

□      Brest feeding Mom, but alternatively:

□      Milk powder

□      Baby bottles and bottle warmers

□      Needed to sterilize

□      Teats

□      Brush

□      Detergent bottles and brush

□      Bibs

□      Baby scale

From 6 months to 3 years

□      Stroller

□      Camp bed

□      Table seat

□      Diapers

□      Clothing in industrial quantities

□      Pajamas

□      Vests and panties

□      Socks and shoes

□      Baby bottle

□      Milk

□      Baby food

□      Reducer for toilet


Over 3 years

□      Clothing in industrial quantities

□      Pajamas

□      Vests and panties

□      Socks and shoes

□      Favorite doll/stuffed animal

□      Children shampoo

□      Toothbrush

□      Toothpaste (the flavor that they prefer)

□      Car seats

□      Crayons and paper

□      Toys

□      Water, juice fruit, snacks for the journey

□      The sleep pillow to which the children are accustomed

□      An oilcloth for the bed


Travel with pets

Tuscany, what to pack if you are traveling with your pets

□      Health card

□      Canine certified registry entry

□      Passport

□      Food

□      Bows for food

□      Toys

□      Plaid and/or pillow for sleeping (depends on the Customs)

□      And, remember to always have fresh water available!


A pharmacy to themselves:
□      Sterile gauze

□      Hydrogen peroxide

□      Patches

□      Cortisone

□      Syringes

□      Antibiotic (consult your veterinarian before departure)

□      Wet wipes with chamomile (for cleaning eyes-ears)

□      Natural insect repellent

□      Brush

□      At least two collars and leashes

□      Muzzle for all races within the decree of the ministry of health

□      Bags and shovel to collect the poop

Beach Holiday

Tuscany has more than 400 km /250 miles of beautiful coast. We put together the main spots where enjoying the Tuscan sea. Have a look at the following links:

Here is our list of stuff you have to bring with you.

□      Swimwear

□      Beach towel

□      Swim cap

□      Rubber slippers and sandals

□      Swim goggles

□      Fins and the best scuba masks

□      Diving equipment

□      Bathrobe (best of lightweight type)

□      Protective tanning cream for face and body

□      Protective lipstick

□      After Sun

□      Hat with visor

□      Sunglasses

□      Beach robe

□      Beach bag

□      Pareo

□      Air mattress

□      Life preserver for children or arm wings

□      Beach games: beach tennis, football, bowls …

□      Deckchairs, sun beds, and umbrellas

□      Cooler and cold drinks

□      Mosquito repellent, ointment for bites, coils

□      Buckets and spades

□      Necklaces and bracelets

□      Overdose of books and newspapers

Walking Holidays

Walking one of the thousand paths that cross Tuscany is a great way to discover the beauty of our region. From the pilgrim route of the Via Francigena to lovely mountain villages as Fosdinovo, or the fisherman villages of the close Cinque Terre and Liguria, there are plenty of places to choose.

Tuscany, what to pack if you are going to hike

The necessary

□      Backpack

□      Hiking shoes

□      Socks

□      Woolen sweaters or fleece

□      Polypropylene shirts (read that you wash and dry in no time)

□      Shirt (checkered!)

□      Spare clothes in your backpack to use in case of rain

□      Anorak Gore-Tex hooded

□      Multipurpose boxcutter

□      Binoculars

□      Compass

□      Hat (or bandana)

□      Sunglasses

□      Lightweight scarf (Indian cotton, silk) to protect the neck from the sun

□      Racket or walking stick (with protective tip for asphalt)

□      Membership card for the shelters stamps (the left in half last year)

□      Sleeping bag

□      Emergency whistle

□      Sunscreen with a high protection

□      Blistering patches (I know something!)

□      Anti-bugs repellent spray

□      After bite Medication and Snake bites kit

□      Laundry soap (if you bring little stuff in the bag and you often wash them)

□      GPS device or mobile apps to follow trails or make a point (which still does not replace the topographic map).

□      Trail maps, preferably 1: 10.000 or 25.000 …

□      Water bottles, Mineral supplements, Groceries (including chocolate bar) that you can buy on the spot

Special equipments for the pro

□      Harness

□      Lanyards and carabiners

□      Bob

□      Ropes and various tools

□      Crampons (for excursions on the ice only)

□      Aluminum cover for emergencies.

□      Good advice: while in excursion do not bring metal objects (necklaces, ….), or abandon them on the spot in case of storms.


Ski Holidays

If you are traveling to Tuscany during winter, and you also wish to ski, you may be interested in reading these two useful posts:

Tuscany, what to pack if you are going to ski

□      Ski and rackets

□      Ski bag

□      Snowboard

□      Snow boots

□      Leads ski-pass

□      Intimate suit

□      Tights

□      Wool shirts

□      Ski socks

□      Sneakers shoes

□      Ski overalls

□      Waterproof pants

□      Windbreaker

□      At will sweaters in wool and fleece

□      Crew neck sweaters

□      Sunglasses with strap to secure them

□      Goggles mask

□      Gloves and liners

□      Warm hat

□      Earmuffs headband

□      Wax

□      Sledding

□      Snow chains in the trunk

Travel for Business

Tuscany, what to pack if you are traveling for business

Schedule of the trip (travel, accommodation …)

□      Travel tickets (and codes of electronic tickets)

□      Colleagues’ phone numbers, taxis, car services with driver, the agency that has booked the trip)

□      Cash (in foreign currency)

□      Credit cards, ATM card, frequent flyer cards, Fidelity hotel chains

□      Corporate Badge

□      Notebook / Organizer

□      Documents

□      Paperwork and in electronic format (practices, catalogs, forms, letterhead, addresses and business of customers visit, etc.).

□      USB drives and memory cards

□      Notepads and pen

□      Business Cards

□      Books

□      Alarm clock

□      iPod and headphones (with lots of music and interesting podcasts already loaded!)

□      Mobile phone and accessories (sim-card and other memory cards, spare battery, charger)

□      Notebook / PDA and accessories (bags, batteries, peripherals, cables, DVD player)

□      Modem to connect to the Internet via cell phone (USB or PCMCIA)

□      Multi-standard outlets (electricity and telephone)

□      Addresses of restaurants doc


□      Travel toothbrush with toothpaste

□      Comb/brush

□      Refreshing handkerchiefs

□      Needed x shaving/waxing

□      Makeup, makeup remover & Co.

□      Handkerchiefs (refreshing and paper)


□      Formal wear

□      Free time clothes

□      Athletic seal (shirt and overalls): sometimes in the hotel, there is a gym

□      Shoes (normal, by free time, slippers)

□      Socks and underwear

□      Pajamas

Important things to do before leaving

In the kitchen

□      Get rid of garbage

□      Check the food left in the pantry

□      If you are leaving for a long trip empty the refrigerator, defrost it and leave it ajar. Alternatively, empty it and adjust the thermostat at the least

□      Close the main water spout

□      Close the main gas stick

□      Leave some long-life food for when you return home (it is not wise to come back home hungry and shops closed)

In the bathroom

□      Turn off the water heater or adjust the thermostat to the minimum

□      Turn off the heating and/or adjust the least radiators to the minimum

□      Plug the sinks (cockroaches lurking!)


If you cannot leave them to a relative or a friend, do not forget home keys of:

□      Car

□      House


□      Recharge the battery of the mobile (and remember not to leave the charger plugged in!)

□      Check the balance of your SIM card, and in the case of need, recharge it on time. I also suggest you get information about how to recharge from abroad (do it online should be the best way).

□      Go to the website of your mobile company or give a call to the customer service to check if there is any promotion to save money with phone calls abroad and data. If you plan to stay abroad for a long period, you might consider buying a local SIM card.

□      Leave the house in order (to wash dishes and dirty laundry)

□      Turn off the main electrical power switches (unless, of course, you prefer to continue using the answering machine or the garden watering system, etc.). Beware! Have you emptied and cleaned the fridge? Otherwise at your return…)

□      Unplug the power outlets and television antenna from the wall (to avoid any problems in case of storms)

□      Completely disconnect the power supply of the PC cables

□      Unplug the phone cable from the modem (again to avoid damage from lightning and thunderstorms)

□      Enter the voice mail

□      Give an address to the neighbors (those nice, if you have), but not to your colleagues (better say that you go hitchhiking across Amazonia without the phone!)

□      Make photocopies of all important documents, credit cards, etc…and leave them in very trusted hands: if you lose the originals or your copies you can still ask your friends to send the second copy via email or message!

□      Take addresses, names, and phone number of your embassy in the countries you are visiting.

□      Shave! It is better to avoid the trauma of ”oh I forgot to shave!“. Otherwise, book a nice seat to the beautician (and why not the hairstylist) before departure.

Very Important Tips

□      Check in time if you are ok with the inspection of your car, motorbike, or caravan

□      Check the validity ‘of documents (passports, ID cards, credit cards, etc.) In case, apply for renewal in time.

□      Check whether your destination require a visa to apply in advance or if you can do it at the airport of destination (ask to the Embassy or Consulate)

□      Check the list of mandatory or recommended vaccinations for the countries where you go and get their health documents.

□      Before finally deciding the destination of your trip, find out if there are not any problems in that place (such as political, health, etc.…) Have a look at your country Foreign Affairs website. of the Foreign Ministry. Still, about security, I suggest you subscribe to the www.YouSos.com service that allows you to access at any time and from any corner of the world, to their generality ‘health.

□      It is always better to reconfirm flight bookings a few days before departure (overbooking, i.e. selling more’ tickets than there are seats available, and ‘a habit of many airlines!).

□      Put a label on each bag writing down full name, full address, mobile phone number always on, even with the country code, of the place where you are going, in order to receive your luggage at your destination in case of loss

□      Validate train tickets before boarding railcar (when needed)

□      Subscribe an insurance policy that covers the journey from unexpected events (and lost luggage), and/or the unpleasant events that may happen at your house while away.

□      Check the policies already ‘signed (sometimes we are holders even without knowing it: by the mere fact of having bought tickets by credit card, for example! There are even brands of bags that include buying an insurance against theft and the loss).

□      Go online and look for all the information about the places you visit, primarily the weather conditions and average temperatures for the period (also to decide what to dress).

□      If you live outside the Eurozone, require on time some banknotes at your bank.

□      Check the limit of luggage (weight and size) that you can carry on board (separately for the cabin and the hold). We suggest you check online the baggage policies of the airlines you flight with.

□      Ask the bank to raise the daily spending limits of your credit cards and got the PIN to withdraw cash in case of needs.

□      Set your email program (both in office and at home) so that ‘launches an auto-reply message.

□      Edit the message on the answering machine to inform everyone (including thieves your absence or set call sending from fixed line to your mobile phone.

□      Not to clog up or even block your email box: suspend enrollment to mailing lists most ‘crowded

□      If you prefer to give the house an appearance “lived” leaves a timer set to turn on and off a few light bulbs in the house!

□      Stop newspaper delivered to their doorstep

□      Ask the suspension of delivery of the magazines you subscribed

□      By an address and a copy of the keys to a trusted person (neighbors, those nice, if any pointing to the arrangement of the central switches (electricity, water, gas) and the numbers of your confidence plumber/electrician … when you say be proactive!

□      Ask usual trusty neighbor’s house periodically to empty your mailbox (and then bring him a souvenir from the trip!).

□      Notify your boss that you will go to Amazonia in hitchhiked homeless and without a mobile phone!

□      If your phone allows you to customize the message that appears at power before you enter your PIN, and ‘a clever idea to bring up your landline phone number or your email: useful in case of loss (if it is found by an honest person!)

□      Check if the destination country in your phone works (i.e. those things like tri-band, quad)

□      Attention to current standards: In Italy, we use 230V and 50Hz!

□      Put the wires in the car and charges down the battery: After long stops (e.g. in the parking lot of a port …) may be a “holy hand”

□      Contact relatives or friends to go with you to the airport or train station (and delight them with the promise to return souvenirs).

Last but not least…

□      Close the windows, leaving but ‘a little’ air and light for plants

□      Enter the automatic watering of plants (or ask friends, relatives, and acquaintances that can hose down your plants)

□      Organizes supplies, pampering, pet-sitting for dogs, cats, and company

□      Pays maturing accounts (unless you want to find lenders on vacation!)

□      Stow keys, cards, badges, etc. in the nightstand drawer (or in a place of return “will not forget”)

□      Spray some insecticide to avoid some insects during your stay away

□      If you are leaving by car do gasoline, but if you leave the car stopped for a long time remember to NOT disconnect the battery: you have to reschedule or even replace as the electronic control unit may be reset

□      Close the shutters and switch the alarm on



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Tuscany what to pack, the ultimate checklist to prepare your suitcase

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