Hello and welcome to My Travel in Tuscany by Edoardo and Nicola. We are pleased to introduce you to our blog about the region where we were born. A place we really love and we know well. This is a blog about Tuscany!

During one of our last journeys, we met a couple of guys from Los Angeles, Jeff, and Michelle. When they knew we were from Tuscany they expressed the desire to visit our region.

Finally last summer they came to visit us for a week and we spent all the time around showing them the beauty of Tuscany. We showed them our native places: a couple of castles in Lunigiana Valley, a beautiful off-the-beaten-path in the north of Tuscany, the marble quarries in Carrara, the long sandy beach of Versilia and Apuan Alps, the coastal wine region of Bolgheri. Then we went to the most known town of Volterra, San Gimignano, Siena, Val d’Orcia and of course Florence.

One of these days, we were having a break in Fosdinovo, a small village in Lunigiana famous for its medieval castle. We were enjoying some fresh cheese from a local shepherd’s farmhouse and a good glass of white Vermentino.

Our friends fell asleep under the shadow of a huge old oak tree and we two were admiring the valley, the coast, and the sealine.

All at once Nicola smiled and said: “It is a shame that many people have never been here… breathing this fresh air, staring at these marvelous landscapes.

Edoardo closed his eyes feeling the air. He felt good while the sun was warming his tanned skin. He took another sip of wine and exclaimed: “You are right, we are so lucky to live in Tuscany! It is such a beautiful land, full of history, culture, and art. To say nothing of the delicious food and wine”.

Some hours later, on the way home while Edoardo was driving, Nicola was talking with our friends. They were so happy to have had the opportunity to visit all of these places, especially the little knowns. Thanks to this experience and our friend’s enthusiasm we thought that it would be nice to start writing this blog, entitled My Travel in Tuscany, to give information and tips to everyone who wishes to discover Tuscany and all the things that this land has to offer.

We have been friends for ages. We both have a passion for Tuscany, travel, food and wine, culture, and old traditions. And now we start the adventure of this blog, hoping you enjoy it!!


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