Our Vision

Inspire people to go beyond the classic destinations and explore Tuscany you don’t expect.

Our Mission

  • Create unique contents to promote the natural beauty and the genuine authenticity of Tuscany.
  • Give suggestions to help people to live the best Tuscan holidays ever.
  • Work together with all those companies of the tourism Industry believing in the need of building an excellent business networking.

What is My Travel in Tuscany?

Company Overview

My Travel in Tuscany is an Indipendent Travel Magazine entirely dedicated to Tuscany. We speak to Tuscany lovers and to all travelers looking for information to organize their holidays in one the most visited destinations of the world. 

The project was born in 2015 by the will of two authentic Tuscans who know the territory and culture of their region, in order to promote the best that this corner of Italy has to offer. 

We focus in particular on places yet to be discovered, free from mass tourism, and therefore ideal for lovers of slow travel, without forgetting the famous destinations that have made our region famous throughout the world.

We also talk about culture and traditions to help our readers to immerse themselves in the Italian lifestyle. 

Talking about Tuscany we cannot forget Food and Wine. We created a special section dedicated to the regional specialties, and to the traditional recipes that our reader can easily try at home.

Are you ready to enjoy the taste of Tuscany?

Who is Edoardo

Edoardo gained his experience in marketing, communication and events along his 20 years of career, working for international companies and luxury brands.

He is a native of Carrara, the town famous all over the world for the precious white marble. He studied Communication Sciences at the University of Milan and he attended courses to improve his skills in Social Media Marketing. He co-founded My Travel in Tuscany Magazine to lend his eyes and words to travelers and let them fall in love with his birthplace.

He had the luck to travel a lot with his parents when he was a kid, both in Italy and abroad. He loved to fly so much that he wants to be a pilot. But when he realized he had to study books and books of math he changed idea! So, he decided that was better be only a passenger and have fun on the journey!

He always helped his parents planning the journeys as “travelers” instead of as tourists. We were interested in meeting locals, looking for the real-life side of a place, trying to find the real essence of traveling. 

Tireless reader since his childhood, he developed a keen for art and architecture, different cultures and food. He loves to travel slow, favoring calm and relaxing retreats, surrounded by nature, compared to crowded places.