Palazzo Borghese of Florence is one of the most important palaces of the neoclassic era. It occupies an entire block in Via Ghibellina 110, just two steps away from the Piazza Santa Croce in the heart of the capital of Tuscany.
Its monumental rooms and lounges are amazingly beautiful, decorated with glittering glass chandeliers and refined furnishings.

Santa Croce Firenze

Piazza Santa Croce in Florence

The big facade in Via Ghibellina is characterize by a main central body and two symmetrical wings. The central part is made in rough bossage at the ground floor (very typical in Florence during the Renaissance), while the upper floor is neoclassic with a loggia connecting the two side parts. On the top, two allegorical figures made in marble of Carrara support the House of Borghese coat of arm.

the atrium palazzo Borghese Florence
Photo Credits: Palazzo Borghese, Florence

The main entrance at the ground floor is decorated with big statues. Then an elegant staircase will bring you up at the first floor where the many lounges are.

The Room of Mirrors is one of the most suggestive rooms. Here, chandeliers sparkle with thousands of lights reflected by numerous and huge mirrors on the walls. You will be amazed visiting this room full of lights and splendor. The long side sofas and the walkway at the top of the room suggests that it was a chamber for music or a ballroom.

room of mirrors florence
Photo Credits: Palazzo Borghese, Florence
Monumental Gallery 1 Palazzo Borghese of Florence
Photo Credits: Palazzo Borghese, Florence

The most spectacular and prestigious ambient is the huge Monumental Gallery, 35 meters (115 feet) long and 7 meters (23 feet) wide. Its central dome is decorated with frescoes of mythological subjects. Along the gallery, there are eight niches with statues, all decorated with big mirrors, golden stucco, drapery and low reliefs. The room is very bright thanks to the many golden wood candelabrums on the wall and to the monumental central chandelier.

There are many other rooms in the building and each one is named with a color that characterizes them: red room, green room, yellow room, pink room.

A bit of history of Palazzo Borghese of Florence

Palazzo Borghese of Florence

An old sketch of Palazzo Borghese

The origin of Palazzo Borghese of Florence dates back in 1400. The Salviati Family was the owner. Then, in the 19th century the Borghese Family inherited the palace.

The prince Camillo Borghese was married, even if only for a few months, with the sister of Napoleone, Pauline Bonaparte, which was received with great affection by the Florentines during her stays at Palazzo Borghese. Then, after the divorce and with the fall of the French Empire, the Prince Camillo returned to live in his palace and in 1820 ordered its renovation.

The new palace was built in only six months in 1821, incorporating the existing structures in the neoclassical style. According to a plan made by Gaetano Baccani, considered one of the most important Tuscan architects of 19th century, Palazzo Borghese of Florence was inaugurated with an unforgettable party on 1822.

The Prince Borghese commissioned also the decoration of approximately 40 prestigeous rooms, by the most known painters and designers of the time as Gasparo Martellini (Triumph of Scipion and the Fetonte), Nicola Benvenuti, Antonio Fedi (Venus introduce the love to Giove), Gaspero Bargioni, Nicola Cianfanelli, Domenico Nani (Marte e Venere in the green room), Luigi Catani.

All decors as mirrors, chandeliers and furnitures were made by the best workshops of Florence of that time.

After the death of the Prince on 1839, the palace was sold to Luigi Cappelli. Then, he rent part of the building to the Society of Casino of Florence that created the “Casinò Borghese”, a cultural and elite clubhouse still operative.

Since 1844 Palazzo Borghese of Florence has been hosting also the clubhouse of the Press

Today, the Palazzo Borghese of Florence belongs, by inheritance to the family Tognini Bonelli. They still live in a wing of the building, while the most prestigious part is used to organize meetings, gala dinners, weddings or renew of wedding vows ceremonies.

Palazzo Borghese of Florence Tuscany

The Room of Mirrors

fireplace monumental gallery palazzo borghese florence

Wing of the Monumental Gallery with fireplace

Photo Credits: Palazzo Borghese, Florence
Salotto di mezzo Palazzo Borghese of Florence

The Salotto di Mezzo room

Photo Credits: Palazzo Borghese, Florence

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