Forte dei Marmi is a pleasant little town in northern Tuscany overlooking the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Renowned destination of luxury tourism, Forte dei Marmi is the perfect place for anyone who loves pottering around high-fashion boutiques, Star Michelin restaurants, and exclusive beach clubs.

Forte dei Marmi main road Tuscany

Is Forte dei Marmi worth visiting?

Calm and sleepy during the long winters, as well as lively and crowded in summer, Forte dei Marmi is one of the trendiest seaside resorts in Italy and Europe. Wealthy families from all over the world come to Forte to spend their beach holidays.

Where is Forte dei Marmi?

The town lies along the northern coast of Tuscany, not far from Lucca, Pisa, Florence, and Cinque Terre. It is part of an area called Versilia, famous in Italy and abroad for summer holidays.

What is the nearest airport to Forte dei Marmi?

The nearest airport to Forte dei Marmi is Pisa International Airport Galileo Galilei (PSA), which is about 45 km (28 miles) away and 40 minutes by car.

Another nearby airport is the International Florence Americo Vespucci (FLR), about 100 km (62 miles) and a bit more than an hour away by car. However, it is not unusual for many tourists to arrive in Italy at the airports of Milan Malpensa (MXP) and Rome Fiumicino (FCO) and then reach Forte dei Marmi by private transfer in about 3,5/4 hours.

How do I get to Forte dei Marmi?

The best way to get to Forte is by car. The town is located on the A12/E80, one of the main Italian highways. The exit to take is Versilia.

Once in town, if you plan to spend most of the time at the beach you won’t need a car. In this case, you can catch a train to the station of Forte dei Marmi-Seravezza-Querceta. The only inconvenience is that the train station is about 4 km (2,5 miles) from the center so you will need a taxi ride to take you there.

Landing at Pisa Airport you can catch a taxi or take the train to get to Forte. If you are staying in a hotel, I recommend asking the concierge to arrange a private transfer for you before you arrive in Italy.

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Forte dei Marmi in brief

The story of Forte dei Marmi is relatively recent. Until the 16th Century, this coastal area was nothing more than marshland. In 1515 the Florentine family of the Medici received, as a gift from the local community, the marble quarry at the peak of the close Monte Altissimo. Development in the area would begin shortly.

At that time, Michelangelo Buonarroti was working for the Medici. He used to go to the quarries of Carrara to look for the best marble to make his artworks. The Master was forced to leave Carrara and move to the marble basins owned by the family.

Mother and son on a buggy in Forte dei Marmi

As soon as extractions started, there was the need to build a road to carry the precious blocks of “white gold” from the mountain to the sea. For this reason, and thanks to Michelangelo, the road is called Via del Marmo. Nowadays this main street crosses the town center from east to west.

The Origin of the name Forte dei Marmi

The name “Forte dei Marmi” derives from the 18th-century red fort you see in the main square. The Grand Duke of Tuscany, Peter Leopold I of Lorraine, ordered its construction to defend the coast and the inland against Turkish assaults. It was also used as a storehouse of the marble extracted from the mountains before shipboarding. That’s why they call it Forte dei Marmi, a marble fort.

An Exclusive Day in Forte dei Marmi, Versilia

Only in the late 1800s, the tourist development begin. With time it became one of the most requested summer holiday destinations for aristocrats, diplomats, and businessmen. Today it is popular among national and international celebrities, politicians, football stars, and wealth managers.

Things to do in Forte dei Marmi Italy

What is Forte dei Marmi famous for? Here are a few reasons why you should visit this coastal town of Tuscany in Italy.

Forte dei Marmi Beaches

Relax in exclusive beach clubs. Here you find quiet and privacy. After so much work you can give yourself a few days of relaxation in the shade of pine trees or under your cabana by the beach. A fine sandy beach covers seven miles of coast and you can choose between many exclusive beach clubs.

Versilia beach club Tuscany

Shopping in the Downtown

Wander around downtown between the shining windows of the boutiques. Look for brand-new bags, hand-made shoes, and high-fashion clothes. Shopping in Forte dei Marmi is a pretty cool idea. The colorful and pleasant pedestrian area hosts brands like Prada, Tod’s, Versace, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Scervino. And other international fashion Maisons like Louis Vuitton, Rolex, and Moncler.

Forte dei Marmi Street Market

Every Wednesday morning of the year from 8 am to 1.30 pm, one of Italy’s most exclusive street markets takes place in Forte. You can make great deals by buying designer clothescashmereleather goods, or household items for a discounted price. Piazza Marconi is the location of the street market. Here is the square on the map.

Forte dei Marmi’s street market doubles in the summertime. Starting from Easter and until the end of October, the market is also held every Sunday morning. The street market is slightly reduced, but it is still worth a visit.

Take a walk along the pier

Another unmissable thing to do in Forte dei Marmi is to walk along the beach or the old jetty. Take a deep breath and enjoy the salty breeze of the Mediterranean Sea. You will find old local men fishing, or couples in love pottering around. On a windy day, you can also stop to watch surfers riding waves.

The Jetty of Forte dei Marmi Italy

Rent a bike

A bike is the best way to enjoy the slow pace of the town. Most hotels offer bicycles to their guests, and there are also a few shops in town where you can rent one. Go biking cannot be so easy and safe. A convenient bike path runs along the seaside boulevard. It is pleasant to pedal in the sun and feel the touch of the summer air on your face. There is also no traffic along the small secondary roads where you benefit from the fresh shade of pine trees.

Tricycle in Tuscany

Star Michelin Restaurants and Nightlife

Where to eat in Forte Dei Marmi? This little town by the sea of Tuscany means excellence even talking about food. There are five Michelin Stars Restaurants, and other good restaurants to taste delicious food and pizzas. Italians have known the Versilia area for its nightlife since the ’60s when artists and celebrities came to live the Dolce Vita. La Capannina di Franceschi has been opening since 1929 and still entertains the young generation.

Explore the Versilia, Lucca, Pisa and Cinque Terre

In Forte, there is much more to do than shopping and beach life. This area of northern Tuscany called Versilia is rich in places to discover and experiences to live in. We put them together in an article called 15 Things to Do in Versilia. You can choose between archaeological sites, natural parks, castles, and mountain hikes. But also decided to attend a Giacomo Puccini Opera in an open-air theatre. During the winter season, I would not miss the chance to wear a costume and take part in the Carnival Parades in Viareggio in February.

Lucca and Pisa

Forte dei Marmi is not far from two of the most famous cities of Tuscany: Lucca and Pisa. The historical center of Lucca, protected by the huge walls of Renaissance origins, is like a precious shining gem. Walk along the narrow shopping alley of Via Fillungo to reach the rounded Piazza Anfiteatro, the wonderful Basilica of San Frediano, and the central church of San Michele. Alternatively, or better yet, in addition, take time to take a walk on the walls. A unique place with a magnificent view of the city’s rooftops, where you will find the people of Lucca doing some sports.

Cinque Terre and Portovenere

In the summertime, you can take the ferry to the beautiful Cinque Terre and Portovenere. The tour lasts a full day. The ferry departs from the pier at about 10 a.m. and returns at 6 p.m. You can admire the five little villages from the sea, and stop for a few hours to walk around. You can buy tickets online or directly at the pier kiosk.

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Curiosities about Forte dei Marmi

  • “Il Forte” is the birthplace of Paola Ruffo di Calabria, Queen of the Belgians from 1993 to 2013.
  • Gianni Agnelli, the former CEO of the Italian car company FIAT, used to spend his summer holidays with his family in Forte Dei Marmi. They owned the property of Villa Costanza, the current Hotel Augustus. His sister Susanna Agnelli, talked about those days by the sea in her book We Always Wore Sailor Suits.
  • Forte Dei Marmi became over time the place to be. And also the right place where to buy a villa. A few examples are the Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi, Giorgio Armani, the director Luchino Visconti, and the famous Andrea Bocelli. We also mention other international names like the sculptor Henry Moore, the novelist Thomas Mann, and the writer Aldous Huxley.
  • In the Summer of 2014 and 2015, Andrea Bocelli opened the door of his Villa in Forte to host the exclusive dinner of the charity foundation Celebrity Fight Night. A long list of jet setters was invited drawing attention to Forte dei Marmi for a few days. With any luck, you could have crossed paths with the likes of Sophia Loren, David Foster, Reba McEntire, Lionel Richie, Zubin Meta, Larry King, John Legend, and George Clooney.
  • The town has one of the best roller hockey teams in Italy and Europe.
Pedestrian Area of Forte dei Marmi

The best hotels in Forte dei Marmi

If you are considering Forte Dei Marmi as the destination for your summer holiday in Italy, here are some hotels we recommend.

5 Star Hotels

Other Hotels

Other lovely hotels in Forte dei Marmi to recommend are:

  • Villa Roma Imperiale is an excellent, high-quality hotel under the shadow of the pine trees of the Roma Imperiale district.
  • Villa Grey is a beachfront hotel with a brand new star Michelin Restaurant.
  • Logos, 4-star hotel with a swimming pool, two minutes walking from the beach.
  • Goya is a 4-star hotel right in the pedestrian area.
  • Versilia Lido UNA Esperienze, located in Lido di Camaiore with three restaurants, two pools, and tennis courts.

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68 thoughts on “An exclusive day in Forte dei Marmi

  1. Lois Gibbs says:

    does anyone know if the Forte dei Marmi Sunday market is open in October specifically 9th October 2016 ?? appreciate any help with the answer to this question Grazie mille

  2. Dema says:

    any recommendations for the best beach in forte? i will be in florence in september and would like to visit forte for the day and i dont want to miss the beach ! but I’m kinda lost between beaches, do i have to be staying at a hotel to access a private beach or can i pay an admission fee for entry?

    • Nicola - My Travel in Tuscany says:

      Hi Dema, thanks for your message. Most of the beach clubs are not owned by hotels, so you do not need to stay at a hotel to go at the beach. You can contact directly by phone or email the beach clubs asking for availabilities and rates. there are almost 100 beach clubs only in Forte dei Marmi…Also rates are very different. Depending on the kind of service offered (some of them also have a pool), you can find daily rates from approx Euro 50,00 to Euro 300,00 (for a beach cabana or umbrella, sun beds, chairs, table, changing room …).

  3. denise Bryer says:

    Can you recommend a reasonably priced beach club that does not need to have a pool ,please .This is for late june early July .Thank you
    Also a place to rent a bicycle with a basket

    • Nicola Bandini says:

      Dear Denise, for the beach club, have a look at Bagno Sandra or Bagno Salvatori. No pool, quiet, spacious. Both are out of the crowd of the center (where the pier and pedestrian area are) but still easy to reach by bike along the seaside promenade in 5/10 minutes. Otherwise, you can search in Marina di Pietrasanta which is next to Forte and rates are less expensive. To rent the bike you can go to “Coppa Bike” or to “Cicli Maggi”.

  4. Ana says:

    Hi Nicola,
    I will be in La Spezia for a day! on a Cruise… Do you recommend Forte for the day? I hear many good things, but not sure if is worth it for a day!

  5. Susan says:

    Grazie Nicola for all of this information! This is perhaps the most comprehensive blog post I’ve come across re Forte; so much appreciated. This summer will be our first visit and I can’t wait (it’s a surprise for my husband; he thinks we are going camping! Haha).

  6. Anuja Rajbhandari says:

    I trying to figure out where to go after Venice. I arrive in Venice and depart from Florence (24AugAM – Sept03 mid-afternoon. I’m spending a few days in Venice but really wanted to spend some time in the Lucca region, with Lucca as a base before we move to Florence for a few days. This is our first time, so we don’t want to drive (son – 19 and mother ). But we are having a hard time finding transportation that works with our checkout time.

    Two things we are looking for – a good beach town from where we can reach Luca center for a full day trip (we have some ancestors to look up there, and we want to spend some time there). Or even stay at luca center and get to a beach for a full day through late evening (but we are worried about transportation), and of course we want to do the Cinque Terre loop.
    What would you recommend? Mainly our issue is transportation. We drive a lot here in Boston MA, but between signs being in Italtian, and being in unfamiliar area we didn’t think it would be good idea. I’m looking at options for private trips or taxis.. but not sure where to look.

    • Nicola Bandini says:

      Hi Anuja, thanks for writing. I try to give you some information that may help you:
      – The best way to get from Venice to Lucca is the train. Speed train from Venice to Lucca and then Regionale train from Florence to Lucca. But I don’t know if they fit with your timetable. A private transfer may be an option: for sure the fastest but more expensive.
      – From Lucca, getting to the beach is easy. Viareggio is the nearest town and you easily reach it by train.
      – Otherwise, you can think of staying in Viareggio for a few days, so you have to the beach next to you. From there you can take a daily tour to Lucca, and also get a train to go to La Spezia/Cinque Terre (from the morning till the evening).
      – Regarding Cinque Terre, there are also daily tours with a group from Florence. To be honest it is not the best way to enjoy CT but it is an option. Here is an example:

      Hope this info may help you. Nicola

  7. Howard says:


    We will be visiting the area at the end of august staying in Lucca for a week with intentions of visiting the beach, cinque terra, etc as day trips. Would you suggest doing a coordinated tour of cinque terra or perhaps the boat cruise from Forte Dei Marmi mentioned in your article or is it best to just drive there and hike at our own pace? we do also want to spend a couple days at the beach. Beyond Forte Dei Marmi, any other key suggestions?

    • Nicola Bandini says:

      Hi Howard. Regarding Cinque Terre, I suggest you go by train. If not from Lucca, maybe from Viareggio. Otherwise, drive to La Spezia and from there take the train or the ferry. Take a look at this article I wrote. It is about how to get from Florence to Cinque Terre, but I give suggestions you can use even while staying in Lucca:

      Concerning days at the beach, all the beach towns of Viareggio, Lido di Camaiore, Marina di Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi are ok. The beach is the same. In Forte dei Marmi perhaps you find more “exclusive” beach clubs than elsewhere (and obviously more expensive). If you do love to experience a day at a wild free beach, the one of “La Lecciona” in Viareggio is wonderful.

      Driving from Lucca to the coastal area I would not miss a visit (better if in the late afternoon) at the historical center of Pietrasanta. It is super nice, full of art, sculptures and galleries.

  8. Chris A says:

    Hi Nicola,
    Thanks for all the great info. I have a group of 6 and looking for non-Michelin restaurants. Any recommendations for more less fancy but good quality eats?

  9. Chani says:

    I understand that Bagno Flávio accepts dogs but it looks very expensive. Do you know if any other beach clubs in the area allow little dogs? We don’t need specific dog facilities or even access to sea as our little is scared of waves – just somewhere that he can come with us and lie under the sunbed. (We usually go to St Tropez as the beach clubs there are so dog friendly but we wanted to try Italy for a change this year but we’re struggling to find suitable beach clubs on a sandy -not pebble- beach). Thanks

  10. Iain beattie says:

    Hello Nicola
    We have a wedding to go to in Lucca late may , I’d to go the beach , forte dei marmi and cinque terre
    Can you suggest where would be best to base ourselves and use public transport ?

  11. amanda notaris says:

    I am staying in Forte Dei Marmi for 4 nights with my 3 teenage sons.. our hotel recommends Bagno Alciano for a beach day.. my kids love water sports.. do you know if some beach clubs have more water activities then others there?

  12. Shelley says:

    Hello Nicola,we are staying near the town for a week and will be celebrating the my granddaughter’s 5th birthday. Can you recommend a restaurant for this occasion. We are six adults and five children ranging from 1 to 11 years old. All love good food in a relaxed atmosphere and many if us are in this industry.

    • Nicola Bandini says:

      Hi Shelley, thanks for the comment. There are a lot of options in the area of Forte dei Marmi and its surroundings. For sure I suggest “Osteria del mare” and “Gilda” in Forte dei Marmi. At Pietrasanta historical center, I do really like the “Lunedi dello Studio” or “Stappasogni”.

  13. Deb Jonikas says:

    Hi Nicola, I am so glad that I found your blog! We are a group of thirty 28 year olds who will be in Lucca the first week of May for a friends wedding (yes, lucky us!). We want to go out one night (a Monday) and it was recommended that we go to Viareggio/Versilia. We want to get dinner, have drinks, go dancing. Would you have time to make some recommendations? Thank you in advance!

    • Nicola Bandini says:

      Hi Deb, thanks for the comment. Lucky you to visit Tuscany for a wedding. They recommended you well saying Viareggio Versilia but on Monday evenings it will be hard to find a place where dance. Monday is the quieter day of the week. For sure you will find places to get an aperitivo and dine but I am not sure about dancing. In Viareggio, there is an area called “La Darsena” with many pubs/restaurants next to each other (Corsaro Rosso, Maki Maki, Carpe Diem). You can try to contact them. If you are a group of 30 people they might be able to organize a special night for you (dinner + music).

  14. Lou says:

    Hi I’m coming end of march how is the weather at this time? Also which resort is nicest between Viareggio Livorno Cecina and forte dei marma I want to visit the coast for the day not staying the night.

    • Nicola Bandini says:

      Hey Lou. cannot grant anything about the weather but usually, it is fine. pleasant temperature. Today we have 18°C along the coast. Cecina is a quiet place, and a good base for the night to visit the surroundings. Livorno is the biggest city on the coast and has a nice small historical center. It is good for half day trip. Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi have a nice center and promenades by the sea and many shops. In between, I highly recommend a stroll in Pietrasanta (the historical center, not the marina). It is lovely, full of art. I wrote about Cecina and Pietrasanta on the website.

      • Lou says:

        Thankyou. I have read that Genoa is not so safe for tourists with many immigrants is this the case? Also where do you recommend around portofino?

        • Nicola Bandini says:

          Hi Lou. I have honestly never heard that Genoa is dangerous. You have to pay attention as in any city in the world. Don’t miss visiting San Fruttuoso. You can also go to Camogli or Santa Margherita Ligure and Rapallo.

  15. Hannah says:

    Hi! I’m coming with a group of 12 girls to celebrate my sister pre wedding all late 20’s early 30’s. For a day on the beach would you recommend Viareggio or Forte Dei Marmi. This would be in early May! We are looking for beach clubs that aren’t too expensive but still lovely!

  16. Natalija says:

    Ciao Nicola! Could you recommend an affordable beach club in Forte Dei Marmi? All we need is beach chairs, umbrella, a changing space, and hopefully somewhere secure to store our belongings while we are in the water. We would just need it for a one day stay. Grazie! 🙂

    • Nicola Bandini says:

      Hi Natalija…not an easy question. In Forte dei Marmi everything is more expensive than in the other towns along the coast. But if you go out of peak season (the second half of June until the end of August) I think you can find nice places without paying a fortune. Have a try with Bagno Carla.

  17. Lou says:

    Thankyou. May I ask about trains to Pisa and Florence do I need to prebook or can I buy tickets on the day of travel?
    Which town do you recommend visiting between Pisa,Florence,Genoa and Bologna? Your advice is appreciated.

    • Nicola Bandini says:

      Hey Lou. You can buy train tickets even on the day of travel if they are Regionale Trains. It is better to book in advance if you use a fast train (for example, FRECCIAROSSA and ITALO from Firenze to Bologna, or Intercity Trains). Regarding the town to visit, I highly recommend Florence and Bologna where you can also spend a few nights. Pisa is an easy day trip from Florence.

  18. Tinamarie Nicolo says:

    Hello Nicola! We are vacationing in Lucca July 8 to July 22. We would like to spend a day in Forte dei Marmi at the very best beach club with a pool and great restaurant. No matter the price, what beach club do you recommend? We want this to be a spectacular day by the sea and an unforgettable experience! Thank you in advance!

  19. Andrew Douglas says:

    What a great website, you have put some much effort into describing very the wonderful area very clearly! Your website has helped me book a holiday to the area. We are firstly heading to Rome 2nd June and spending the weekend. On Monday we are then making our way to Lido di Camaiore, and staying as per your recommendation Versilia Lido. We are 2 adults and a 10 year old daughter.
    Nightlife and restaurants, is there much in Lido area , or would you recommend Forte Dei Marmi? Or maybe do both? Like to be in a busy area at night to have dinner and a walk around , grab a drink somewhere. Any must do restaurant recommendations in both areas? Also best beach area for my daughter , again making sure she is not bored? We do have a pool at the hotel, and the beach opposite looks nice. Sorry to ask so many questions , really do appreciate any help.

    • Nicola Bandini says:

      Dear Andrew, many thanks for your message. This makes me happy and proud of the job I am doing on the website. Staying at Versilia Lido you are just a few minutes walking from the pedestrian area of Lido (plenty of bars, small restaurants, beach clubs too). If you have the car, you can easily drive to Forte dei Marmi, Viareggio and Pietrasanta (both the Marina and the historical center). Pietrasanta is the town where I work and it is so cute, full of art, a beautiful square and nice restaurants. It worths a visit in the late afternoon/dinner. Here I can recommend restaurants such as: Lunedi dello Studio, Stappasogni, Marzocco, Vaticano, Pizzeria Maja or 55. All super good. Forte dei Marmi is nice too for a walk, grab a gelato, expensive shopping and resturants (Osteria del Mare, Pesce Baracca, Fratellinis). Concerning the beach club, I suggest to ask once you arrive in hotel. I am sure they have suggestions for a nice family oriented beach club. We are still out of the peak season and it will be plenty of choices for all budgets. Another thing i would not miss is to book a table at the restaurant “Le 3 terrazze” in Monteggiori. it is a panoramic resto up on the mountains in a little cute village, 20 minutes drive from Lido. Local food, amazing view.

      • Andrew Douglas says:

        thanks again for your reply, very helpful. How is the weather looking next , i can see some rain on the weather report that i am getting? Or is this normal for June? Although Rain , still looks very warm?

  20. Andrea Clarkson says:

    We would like to spend 6 weeks in Italy in the fall of 2024. We are in Forte dei Marmi now for a week, we love it, but fear that in mid September to the end of October stores etc might be closed. Is that right? We don’t want to be here if it’s really just a beach resort town not an all season town. Thank you very much for your advice!

    • Nicola Bandini says:

      Hi Andrea. The stores and restaurants will not close in September and October. Maybe they will be open fewer hours, especially if the weather is nice, but not closed. More or less the situation is similar to what you are experiencing now. Of course, in the fall the days are shorter and the evenings/nights are colder, and there is this “winter season coming on” atmosphere everywhere. But it can still be pleasant, especially if the weather is good. instead, starting in November you can say that the winter season begins with some stores and restaurants closing on a rotating basis for a few days of well-deserved vacation after the summer.

  21. Andrew Douglas says:

    thanks again for your reply, very helpful. How is the weather looking next , i can see some rain on the weather report that i am getting? Or is this normal for June? Although Rain , still looks very warm?

    • Nicola Bandini says:

      We had a very strange May, more rain and clouds than usual. We all hope in June the weather will be better, but climate conditions are changing everywhere in the world so it is difficult to make any prediction.

  22. Kevin says:

    Ciao Nicola, my girlfriend and I in July are going to spend the day and wanted to combine a beach day with the Wednesday market. Do you have a recommendation for a beach club in the $200 euro price range with good security? Thank you so much – great article.

  23. Lorie says:


    Really love reading all your responses. My fiance and I are planning a trip to Forte Dei Marmi at the end of July and were wondering what the beach situation is like. Can/should we make reservations for a bed on the beach before we go? Or should we go early to try to secure a spot? Not sure how busy it will be that time of the year. Also what are the beach clubs that are the most expensive? We don’t want to stumble into a place we can’t afford lol.

    Thank you!

    • Nicola Bandini says:

      Hi Lorie, thanks for writing. I think that the most expensive beach clubs are the Augustus Beach Club, Bagno Annetta, Bagno Alpemare (owned by Andrea Bocelli), Bagno Dalmazia. I suggest to book in advance, so you are sure. Be careful that if there is no good weather on the day booked, almost all establishments will still ask for payment even if you don’t go.

  24. Joanna Maslanka says:

    Hello, My husband and I will be traveling / staying in Forte Dei Marmi for the first time in mid Sept. Can you tell me if this is still considered peak season and if everything will be open at this time.

    • Nicola Bandini says:

      Dear Joanna, many thanks for your comment. Mid Sept is not peak season anymore. I think it is the best time to visit Forte dei Marmi and the surroundings. Still pleasant mild weather and all shops, bar, resturants and beach clubs open.

  25. Lauren says:


    We are in Florence and are considering a day trip to Viarreggio or Forte di Marme. Which do you suggest?

    • Nicola Bandini says:

      Dear Lauren, many thanks for writing and sorry for big delay. experiencing troubles with comments. I am so sorry. Both Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi are nice daily trips to make from Florence. Viareggio is more “real” with a nice promenade by the sea with bar, shops and nice art nouveau buildings. Forte dei Marmi is more luxury shopping but it is nice to take a stroll in its pedestrian area and along the pier.

  26. Sue says:

    Hi. We are staying in Florence and want to do a beach day in Forte. Should we consider other towns? Arriving by train. 2 adults and 3 teenagers. Can you please recommend a reasonably priced beach club maybe with a pool? Thank you.

    • Nicola Bandini says:

      Hi Sue, many thanks for your comment. Suggest a beach club is very difficult because along the coast there will be more that two hundreds establishments. Arriving by train the town of Viareggio may be the best because from the train station is in town and only 10 minutes walking from the beach side. If you choose Forte dei Marmi you need a taxi or a bus from the train station which is 5 km away from beach. Moreover Viareggio has more reasonable prices than Forte dei Marmi where everything is more exclusive and more expensive. In Viareggio you can have a look at Bagno Nettuno or Bagno La Pace. But if you rent bikes you will have more option having the chance to go a bit further. However Forte dei Marmi is nice. The town is small but nice for a walk along boutiques and bars. Another lovely town in the area is Pietrasanta. It has a wonderful historical center to explore with lots of art and a beautiful square. The train station is in town. The Marina di Pietrasanta is 5 km away and you can get a bus to go there. A nice beach club with pool with a reasonable price is Bagno Re-Versiliana.

  27. Kayla says:

    Hi Nicola!

    We love all the comments!

    We are visiting early October with a baby. What is the best town to stay in that is central for access to Florence for the day but still busy with shopping and restaurants on the days we are in the local town. We love the look of forte dei marmi. Any hotel recommendations for a couple with a baby?


    • Nicola Bandini says:

      Hi Kayla,
      Having the car, all beach town of northern Tuscany are easy to reach. By public transport, the easiest to reach from Florence is Viareggio. Regarding family hotels in Forte, have a look at Hotel Hermitage or Raffaelli Park. However all hotels are good for a couple with a baby. I would recommend to choose one which is walking distance from the town center and the beach. Forte dei Marmi is nice for strolling along the seaside promenade.

  28. Linda says:

    Hello Nicola! Thank you for your thorough article and answers to so many questions. I have some ignorant questions. I have never been to Italy and want to make a vacation trip to Forte dei Marmi in July. Is it easy to get by only speaking English? Are there refrigerators in hotels? Are there grocery stores that sell food, Miller Lite beer, ice, & soft drinks close to the beach? Do bars serve cold beer? Do you drive on the left side of the road?

    • Nicola Bandini says:

      Hi Linda, many thanks for your comment. Italy is, more or less, similar to US and other “western” countries. I confirm we do drive on the left side of the road. Forte dei Marmi is a popular destination especially for foreigners so you can use english language to speak almost to everyone. In Forte dei Marmi is a lovely luxury seaside resort and most of the hotels have high standard quality services, so all rooms have minibar and AirCon. All bars serve alcoohol including beer and cocktails. There are bars, small shops, and beach clubs bar and restaurants where to buy food and drinks (even beer, but no Miller Lite). There are also, but not right on the beach, bigger supermarkets (italian brands like Conad, Coop, RG, Lidl) to buy stuffs. Hope this message helps you and feel free to contact me again. Take care, Nicola

  29. Sarah says:

    Hi Nicola-
    We will be traveling to Italy in November and would love to visit the market in Forte dei Marmi on Wednesday. Will the market be open in late November? Do the weekly markets that are held in Monterosso, Vernazza, Levante and Genoa stay open year round? Thank you

  30. Brenda says:

    Hello Thank you for all the information you share on here. We will be in Forte this summer and will visit the market on Sunday. I just saw a post that said the sunday market is only about 1/4 of the size of the Wednesday market. Is this true, or is this information old? Thank you!

  31. Lauren says:

    I love this site – thank you Nicola! I am arriving to FDM mid June for 4 nights. We arrive Wednesday night so I am sadly going to miss the markets, but I hear there is also a market on Sunday morning. Is it just as good as the Wednesday market? If not, is it worth it to try to change my travel dates to make the Wednesday market? Thank you for your incredible wealth of knowledge!

    Also deciding between the following beach clubs – which do you suggest for 2 beach days: Alpemare, Augustus, Annetta

    • Nicola Bandini says:

      Dear Lauren, many thanks for your message. I am happy to know that our readers find our contents useful. You won’t miss the market. In June it takes place also on Sundays so I would not change the dates of your trip. It is a smaller version but still nice to go and try to make good deals. 🙂 As for beach clubs, the three are the best in town. Wherever you decide to go you will be fine. Alpemare is the newest, most glamorous at the moment and probably the most expensive of the three. Augustus is the biggest and the restaurant Bambaissa is very well known. Bagno Annetta is probably the one with the most family-friendly atmosphere. The owner, energetic Mrs. Carmela, personally runs the place and you will definitely find her at the forefront during service. I think services and quality of the food are excellent in all of them. Check availabilities and follow your feeelings. You won’t be disappointed.

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