The southern part of Maremma is considered by most of the people as the Tuscan area with the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany. The majority of beaches in Maremma are wild, wide, long and sandy, and water is clean, clear and its color is green or blue. Many of them are into national parks and you can reach them only after few km/miles of walk into pinewoods, Mediterranean scrub vegetations and sand dunes. But at the end of the walk you will be rewarded with a stunning beach and you won’t regret.

Castiglione della pescaia beaches in tuscany
Orbetello – Photo Credits: Luca Papi

The most known beaches in Maremma Tuscany


Torre Mozza Follonica Beaches in Tuscany
The beach of Torre Mozza, nearby Follonica – Photo Credits: Luca Papi

The town of Follonica has free wide beaches and bath establishments. During summer time Follonica has the most lively nightlife of Maremma area.

Cala Violina

Cala Violina beaches in tuscany

Cala Violina is an amazing little cove with white sandy beach. It takes its name from the sound you hear walking barefoot on the sand, the sound of a violin. Being a small bay, if you go during high season, we recommend going early in the morning to find parking. And pay attention to the bees while walking to reach the beach. You can really enjoy the beauty of this place in Maremma during springtime or in September.

Castiglione della Pescaia

Castiglione della Pescaia beaches in tuscany-2 Maremma

The best beach town of Maremma and of the whole Tuscany is Castiglione della Pescaia. It’s a very nice fishermen village turned into small-scale resort. It received many times the Blue Flag as award for the quality of services and for the cleanliness of the water and beaches. It is an ideal destination if you like free beaches or even if you like comfort of bath establishments. Great for families with children.

Punta Ala

Punta Ala Golf beaches in tuscany
View of the sea by the Golf Club in Punta Ala

Close to Castiglione there is the touristic port of Punta Ala with its beautiful water and a really good quality Golf Club.

Cala di Forno in the Natural Park of Uccellina

Cala di Forno beaches in tuscany

In the heart of the natural park of Uccellina, south of the town of Grosseto, there is Cala di Forno. This completely wild beach is reachable with a long walk of approximately 2 hours only during autumn and spring. The nature conservation is the reason of the closure during summertime, avoiding the risk of fire and protect the ecosystem from the mass Tourism.

Cala Bagno delle Donne in Talamone

Cala Bagno delle Donne beaches in tuscany

Talamone with its citadel and the cove of Cala Bagno delle Donne. This area is also popular in Maremma and all Tuscany for kite surf.

Monte Argentario

Cala di Gesso Argentario beaches in tuscany
Cala di Gesso, Monte Argentario

Monte Argentario has probably the best sea in Tuscany. This peninsula in the deep south of Maremma has dramatic isolated coves as Cala del Gesso with pebbles and crystalline waters surrounded by rocks and Mediterranean scrub. In the past Argentario was a rocky island, today is linked to the mainland by two stripes of sand and vegetation giving life to the Lagoon of Orbetello. Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole are the only two fishing port of the Peninsula. The main beaches are on the 2 stripes of sand, the Feniglia and Giannella on the natural reserve of Duna Feniglia, beautiful wide and long sandy beaches with shallow water protected by sand dunes and pinewoods, ideal also for families and children.

Other beaches in Tuscany

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Orbetello Lagoon at sunset, Maremma Tuscany
Sunset at the Lagoon of Orbetello, Monte Argentario – Photo Credits: Luca Biancani

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