Palazzo Cucchiari of Carrara is a beautiful nineteenth-century residence designed by Leandro Caselli, in the center of the town famous for the fine white marble. Today it’s the headquarters of the Foundation Giorgio Conti and it periodically hosts important art exhibitions.

The palace donates to the visitor an exciting experience of artistic contemplation thanks to its frescoes on the walls, to the ceilings decorated with papier mâché, sparkling marbles and decorations in precious cypress wood.

palazzo cucchiari of carrara exterior

Exquisite frescoes and selected materials for the new Palazzo Cucchiari of Carrara

The renovation of the building gave to Palazzo Cucchiari of Carrara, a look similar to the other typical ancient residence of Versilia, such as Villa Bertelli in Forte dei Marmi.

Palazzo Cucchiari of Carrara has five floors of treasures, 36 rooms on a surface of 2 thousands square meters. In the course of time the best Italian and European artisans worked here, from the frescoes school of Piedmont, to the Austrian school of graffiti and the Venetian Maestros of terrazzo floors.

bottom view Palazzo Cucchiari

The main entrance on the ground floor is in Via Cucchiari. A big and elegant corridor connects the two wings of the building. The first lounge on the left hosts the most important frescoes and a unique commemorative decoration with the date of 1891, the date in which the Cucchiari Family received the residence in the palace.

The Venetian Terrazzo floors are a masterpiece of handicraft. They match perfectly with the fine cherry wood of the doors. Bathrooms at the ground floor are decorated with the precious marbles as Portoro black, Calacatta and Sienna Yellow.

But the thing I like the most of Palazzo Cucchiari of Carrara is the staircase. It makes my head spin thanks to the kaleidoscopic effect of its frescoes.

From the last floor you can enjoy a nice overlook of the city. At the ground floor there is also a small garden with wisterias, camphor trees, and black bamboo, where a stage for music concerts and a bar can be placed in case of events.

Finally, a special mention goes to the basement with its barrel vaults made of red bricks. They represent an amusement of the designer Leandro Caselli when designed them.

frescoes on the roof of Palazzo Cucchiari Carrara
frescoes on the roof Palazzo Cucchiari Carrara

Photo Credits: @Alessandro Pasquali

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    • Edoardo says:

      Thank you Danielle 🙂 I agree with you, architecture offers many details to photograph, and this Palazzo is plenty of frescos, and ornamental details… If the said “The Devil is in the detail” (in Italian, Il Diavolo è nei dettagli), this is a wonderful hell!

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