This summer 2017 more than one thousand of colored, lively, flying umbrella colors the sky over the art town of Pietrasanta in Tuscany. Of green, red, yellow, blue, white, black, orange, and purple are the floating umbrellas in Pietrasanta. Like a flock they invaded the main street of the historical center of the Little Athens of Italy, covering almost one km, floating above the head of the inhabitants and of the curious tourists.

the colored umbrellas of Pietrasanta

The floating umbrellas in Pietrasanta are an example of street art that takes inspiration to the installations that already colored the streets of Agueda in PortugalBarcelona, and London. But differently from these cases where the only reasons of the artwork were embellished the city center and promoting trades and commerce, La Strada degli Ombrelli Volanti of Pietrasanta (this is the Italian name of the event), has also charity purpose.

The importance of the floating umbrellas in Pietrasanta

Every umbrella is a unique piece bringing on its handle a name, a message, or an inscription. In fact, locals, retailers, and tourists already bought, and still can buy, the umbrellas with a small donation of at least five Euro that will be used to sustain social and welfare initiatives and volunteer activities.

a person walking in Via Mazzini under the floating umbrellas in Pietrasanta

It will be funny to see the central Via Mazzini and Via Garibaldi changing tone during the day under a sky of colored flying umbrellas. Cold colors in the early morning, very light tones during the hottest part of the day, and warmer colors at the golden hour of sunset.

Pietrasanta, the capital of the modern art of Tuscany

Every year Pietrasanta host marvelous temporary open-air exhibits as the one dedicated to Mitoraj two summers ago, or the one of last winter dedicated to the artworks inspired by Salvador Dalì masterpieces. This year they even add this important fundraising initiative that will last until the end of July in the historical center, while during the month of August will move on the seaside of Marina di Pietrasanta. (Thanks to its great success, the umbrella keep floating over Pietrasanta until the end of August).

Nicola with the floating umbrellas as background

If you are an art lover, and you want to take a break from the classic art of our wonderful Tuscan cities, I would recommend you to drive your car or get a train direction Pietrasanta in Versilia, capital of modern art in Tuscany, to discover its history connected for centuries to the processing of marble and bronze.

Floating Umbrella in Pietrasanta in Via Mazzini
Painter under the floating umbrellas in Pietrasanta

For sure, the floating umbrellas of Pietrasanta will not protect you from the hot and humid weather of this Italian summer, but maybe they could be helpful in case of rain! And you can even imagine taking flight and go to the place of your dreams only grabbing one of these umbrellas.

Have you already seen any floating umbrellas street art somewhere in the world? Let us know leaving a comment, otherwise see you in Pietrasanta this summer.


(Updated the 3rd of August 2017)

10 thoughts on “Floating Umbrellas in Pietrasanta

    • Nicola - My Travel in Tuscany says:

      Hello Cynthia, I know that it is a temporary exhibit and will last until the end of July in the historical center, while in August it will be moved to another street in Marina di Pietrasanta, which is the seaside suburb of the town. I will keep you updated in case of any change.

  1. Andrea Broom says:

    this looks so beautiful, it looks almost like a shot from a movie. Is this something that is done yearly? I would really like to experience this at some point in my life.

  2. Neha Verma says:

    I have seen these pictures of the floating umbrellas earlier also. And I must admit. They look so unique and colorful! I want to visit here once just to witness these

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