You should visit Tuscany at least once in your life. If you are thinking of planning a trip to this part of Italy and you don’t even know where to begin, I desire to help you by giving you some good suggestions.  It is an enchanting region with almost half of Italy’s artistic heritage and landscapes.

Moreover, thanks to mild weather Tuscany is a good destination to visit all year round.

5 Good reasons to visit Tuscany

1. Centennial History

We have to go back to the Paleolithic to find the first inhabitants. Later, the Etruscans created the first major civilization in the south of Tuscany. Instead, in the north lived the Ligurians. People of different origins laid the foundations of the region, before the arrival of the Romans who subjected everyone to their power.

Tuscany has an immense historical, cultural, and artistic heritage. Hamlets, churches, cathedrals and domes, castles, fortification walls, old ruins, and legends guard this rich treasure.

archaeological site of Massaciuccoli Romana
Archaeological area of Massaciuccoli Romana in Versilia, Lucca

2. Visit Tuscany for its Artistic Legacy

Tuscany is recognized as the birthplace of the Renaissance.

It is the hometown of many artists in the history of art and science. Painters such as Giotto and Botticelli. Sculptors such as Brunelleschi and Michelangelo. Musician as Puccini. Writers such as Dante Alighieri. Research with the father of modern physics Galileo Galilei and the polymath Genius of Leonardo da Vinci.

You can admire their Masterpieces walking along the streets or inside churches, art galleries, and museums.

Michelangelo's David Statue Florence
Michelangelo’s David in Florence – Photo Credits: Robert Scarth

3. Historical Cities

Everyone has heard about Florence, Siena, Lucca, and Pisa and their iconic monuments, streets, squares, towers, and bridges.

Some of them have been designated UNESCO World Heritage sites. We are talking about the historic center of Florence and Siena, the Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, and Medici Villas and Gardens scattered around the region. 

A view of Piazza della Signoria Florence
Piazza della Signoria in Florence

4. Ancient hill-top Hamlets

Among an uncounted list of lovely burgs in Tuscany, the most known are the two World Heritage sites of Pienza and San Gimignano. For different reasons even Montalcino, Volterra, and Cortona reached worldwide fame. In Montalcino, they produce one of the best red wines, the Brunello. Volterra was one of the biggest towns for the Etruscans and but it reached the peak of popularity to be the birthplace of the vampire family Vulturi of the movie Twilight. Cortona also has a big script to thank. It is here that the protagonist, Frances Mayes, makes a new life for herself “under the Tuscan sun”.


Moreover, trust me when I say that Tuscany is plenty of charming villages that worth to be discovering. You have to look for them, lying on the top of a hill, on the side of a mountain, or by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

view of Volterra visit Tuscany
The roofs of Volterra

Other 5 reasons to visit Tuscany

5. Breathtaking Landscapes

Tuscany is a variety of landscapes, each one with its beauty to admire. Everyone knows the rolling hills of Val d’Orcia or the Chianti wine region. But what about Mugello or Maremma?

Moreover, there are the Apennines where you can ski (have a look at this post about the ski area of Tuscany), the gentle hills around Pisa, the coastal area of the Etruscan Coast, and the Bolgheri wine region. Super Tuscan wine.

In the northern part of the region, the Apuan Alps are a pure paradise of nature. They are made of our gold, the white marble of Carrara. A stone’s throw from the sea, really just a few kilometers, the mountains rise to heights of nearly 2 thousand meters. They are a paradise for hikers and walkers. Visiting the north of Tuscany you have access to two beautiful and fewer tourist areas of the region, such as Lunigiana and Garfagnana.

Tuscany is a paradise for people who love nature. They will find many natural parks and itineraries for walking, biking, and hiking.

Isola Santa in winter under the snow
The hamlet of Isola Santa in Garfagnana during wintertime

6. Shiny bright blue Sea and the Mediterranean Islands

Tuscany also means the sea and beach life, having nearly 400 km of coastline facing the Mediterranean Sea. Exploring the coast, from Versilia to the Costa degli Etruschi passing from the Maremma, you will find clear water, sea cliffs, and white sandy beaches. Not to mention the incredible Argentario lagoon to the south and the islands which, I am sure, will surprise you.

We have a legend about the 7 islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. The story goes that they are seven gems that fell from the tiara of Venus. The most known are Elba and Giglio.

Giglio treasure Islands of Tuscany

7. Delicious food and cooking traditions date back thousands of years

The specificity of Tuscan cuisine is that it is as simple as its ingredients. Mixed with skill by our grandmothers and mothers, they give life to recipes with a unique taste.

Bread, made in many different ways and shapes, and extra virgin olive oil are the essential ingredients you will find in every kitchen.

Here are some of the traditional dishes:

Traditional Tuscany Food at Eat Valdera in Tuscany

8. Visit Tuscany for World-renowned Wines

It is always time for a glass of good wine.

Tuscany has the perfect climate conditions to produce excellent wines renowned all over the world: Chianti Classico red wine, Brunello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Bolgheri RedsSassicaia DOC, the Super Tuscan Ornellaia and much more.

Do not lose the opportunity to taste them and visit their vineyards or take part in the harvest in September.

Bolgheri Sassicaia wine Tuscany
The famous Super Tuscan Sassicaia red wine from the Bolgheri area

9. Thermal Hot Springs

If you wish to rest your body and mind, come to Tuscany. You can choose between beautiful natural hot springs immersed in the wild or elegant SPA centers surrounded by magnificent scenery.


Terme di Saturnia Hot springs in Tuscany
The wild hot springs of Saturnia in southern Tuscany

10. Visit Tuscany to discover new Off-the-beaten-path destinations

We don’t want to spoil too much but following us on our website we have a lot of content dedicated to those places in Tuscany that are still out of the mass tourism itineraries. For the moment take note of Pontremoli, Monteggiori, or the Valdera.

Old mill in Bibbona, spring break in Tuscany
The old windmill of Bibbona

Are you ready to visit Tuscany or do you still have any doubts? Follow our blog and our social network, and feel free to contact us to have tips and suggestions about itineraries around our region.

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